Apis Token

The Apis Token is the first tokenized hedge fund strategy, focused on an algorithmic, signal based volatility trading strategy in the S&P 500 Options and VIX Futures markets, with a proven track record and a management team with over 15 years securities trading experience.

The Apis Token is built on Stellar, making it secure, efficient and fast. To receive the Apis Token, simply create a Stellar Wallet, and then set it up to receive the token.

The current offering of Apis Tokens is made under Regulation 506(c) only to US Accredited Investors. Foreign Investors are not solicited in this offering and should review the Regulation S offering here:

Current Strategy Value

Apis Token Investments Balance is currently: $1,472,737.55

Current Apis Tokens in Supply

The current supply of Apis Tokens is: 2,125,000 APIS

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The Apis Token Fund White paper is a detailed overview of the Apis Token

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Our Approach

The tokenization of assets allows flexibility and efficiency for investors. The Apis Token provides multiple advantages

  • Re-sellable: No lock up period. Tokens are immediately re-sellable following the initial issuance to non-U.S. Persons.
  • Unique Strategy: The Apis Token provides exposure to the ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy, which combines ERP and VRP strategies to effectively perform in market conditions including bull and bear markets, with very little correlation of returns to the S&P 500
  • Proven Track Record: which has generated annualized returns of 70% over its existing 28 month track record. It’s back tested date from 2009-2015 provides similarly market leading returns
  • No Minimum Investment: Unlike typical hedge fund investments, the Apis Token can be purchased in any quantity
  • Tax Advantages: US investors do not pay any tax until they sell their token, enabling them to defer taxes indefinitely.
  • Secure and Proven Technology: The Apis Token is built on Stellar protocol, a Blockchain 3.0 technology supported by IBM, which brings best in class security, speed and efficiency.
  • Trust and Transparency: The Apis Token provides investors with the security of Third Party Administration, Auditing and Transparency.

Performance Highlights

The Apis Token participates in the performance of the underlying ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund LP.


Performance of ACM Strategy - The basis of the Apis Token


Awards and Accolades of ACM Fund

Awards and Recognition - As of December 2017

  • Ranked #4 out of 540 listed funds by 3-year Return
  • Ranked #5 Fund by YTD Return (out of 540 listed Funds)

  • Ranked #1 of 62 Option Strategy Fund by YTD Return
  • Ranked #3 of 197 Overall Hedge Funds between $1MM and $10MM AUM by YTD Return

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This Offering is for exempt securities and is made pursuant to Regulation D, 506(c). This Offering is available only to US residents who are accredited investors. For a full discussion of the offering, including risk disclosures, please read the White Paper and the Regulation D Offering Memorandum.