Apis Ventures - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Apis Ventures is a private equity fund focused on companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).

Our Investment Thesis

We believe that we are the cusp of fundamental sea change with a profound effect on the world we live in, driven be advanced in AI, ML and DL. Our world today is captured in a myriad of data points, yet that data has not been effectively leveraged yet to provide game changing solutions. We need advanced not just in Big Data, but in a fundamentally different approach to analyzing it, which is only made possible through machine based algorithms that can evolve with time and new data, finding patterns, correlations and producing results that would have never been possible by traditional human powered analysis.

We also believe that development work in the field of artificial intelligence is a time and capital intensive process, and our focus is companies that have already developed intellectual property and products.

Our Approach

We focus on opportunities where we know we can add value through private ownership, cross-portfolio synergies and management leadership

  • Underutilized Intellectual Property: Many companies develop significant expertise and IP, but set them aside as they focus on revenue generating business lines. By taking such companies private, we will remove the shareholder pressure, allowing them to achieve the full potential of their technologies.
  • Synergistic Portfolio Integration: The artificial intelligence industry is extremely fragmented, and smaller players do not effectively collaborate. By bringing them into a unified portfolio, we can leverage our in house experience and cross-company or cross-industry technologies to build solutions that are orders of magnitude more advanced than what would be achievable by each individual business.
  • Management Challenges: We know that running a successful company in this space is difficult, and many management teams are under performing relative to their potential. We seek out those opportunities where bringing our leadership and management experience, streamlining governance structures and re-calibrating management vision can significant improve company performance.