Cryptocurrency Services

Apis Capital Management brings years of capital market experience to the cryptocurrency world, working with cryptocurrency investors and crypto companies to assist with their capital and investment banking needs

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Investor Services

Apis Capital Management's executive team has been involved in capital markets for over 10 years. We have expertise in valuing and transacting in illiquid and low liquidity assets, such as private equity and non traditional asset classes. Our team has been involved in cryptocurrency trading for over 5 years, starting with the very first exchange. As a result of our extensive experience, we are able to efficiently perform transactions for clients seeking to realize liquidity or quickly acquire a large volume of cryptocurrency assets.

In addition, we have implemented market making activities to add depth and liquidity to the cryptocurrency markets, thereby providing price improvement for our client's transactions, including participation in the cryptocurrency futures markets on CBOE and CME.

While our focus is on the three main currencies by market cap, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH), we are able to work with clients to fulfill their needs in any cryptocurrency.

In addition to cash liquidity, Apis has partnered with The White Company, a leading provider of fine art, luxury goods and services to provide solutions to cryptocurrency holders looking for alternative methods to liquidate their cryptocurrency assets.


Investment Banking for Cryptocurrency Companies

Apis Capital also serves the cryptocurrency industry by providing investment banking services to the cryptocurrency industry.

We assist companies with mergers and acquisitions, private (Regulation D) and secondary (Regulation A) offerings, and IPOs, as well as associated needs such as company valuation, legal and regulatory compliance and all other investment banking needs for the life-cycle of a cryptocurrency business from startup to trading as a public company.