ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund

Opportunities in both high and low volatility market environments

Range of Monthly Returns: +50.66% to -36.78%

Suitable For: Investors looking for a high return with corresponding high risk, as a low beta allocation in a speculative portfolio

ACM High Yield Fixed Income Fund

Monthly dividend returns through strategic diversification with a broad market hedge

Annualized Return: 7.95%

Range of Monthly Return: +2.378% to +0.032% with a Sharpe Ratio of 2.09

Suitable For: Investors looking for a conservative, broadly diversified investment for monthly income with lower risk and limited correlation to the stock market

ACM Fixed Income Note

Predictable monthly income without market risk

Annualized Return: 6% APY (5.741%)

Suitable For: Investors looking for an attractive, guranteed yield with very low risk product comparable to a Certificate of Deposit

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