ACM High Yield Fixed Income Fund

The ACM High Yield Fixed Income Fund provides invests in high yield fixed income and credit opportunities, through Apis Capital's network of partner financial institutions

Fund Overview 

The ACM High Yield Fixed Income Fund seeks to provide investors with consistent returns by identifying unique opportunities in fixed income and credit markets. Its primary strategy is origination and resale of ultra high credit small business loans in the healthcare industry, through its affiliated financial institutions. The fund also invests in cash and cash equivalents to earn yield on idle funds.

Historical Return

Monthly returns are available to prospective accredited investors through:

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Prior performance is not indicative of future results. The awards and rankings listed are provided by each individual database, and are based on a comparison with other firms and funds in the same category, listed in each individual database. The awards and rankings do not represent a comparison with all firms or funds.

Past performance is not a guarantee of profits. Investments may lose value. 

Please read the full disclaimer in the Private Placement Memorandum for full details on risks and performance.



While current appetite for healthcare lending is high, and supply (need for healthcare financing) is available, it is possible that future market conditions will create a shift to risk-on assets or see a decrease in supply. The Fund may close to new investors in this case, or in an extreme situation return all capital to investors and close completely

Loan Origination transactions could be subject to fraud. Such risk is mitigated by a thorough underwriting process and the very low incident of lending fraud in the healthcare industry

Resale of originated loans could fall through as a result of nonperformance of a counterparty. This is mitigated by a competitive marketplace for high grade debt and the existence of multiple counterparties who can step in to purchase the debt. The business affiliates of the fund intentionally rotates debt sales amongst counterparties to preserve relationships and prevent over weighted with a particular counterparty

Cash on hand is deposited at banks, brokerages, or other financial institutions. Banks or Brokerages may fail, but are covered by FDIC or SIPC. When large amounts of cash are held on deposit, the fund can use the Ultra FDIC insured program to cover up to $50MM in cash assets. Non-Bank Financial Institutions with whom Loan Doctor maintains accounts carry insurance policies against theft, fraud or insolvency of at least $100MM in aggregate.

The potential for profit is not guaranteed, and substantial risk of loss exists. Investments may lose value. 

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment is currently $100,000. Smaller investments may be considered on a case by case basis.


Subscription Fee: None (currently)

Management Fee: 1% p.a.

Incentive Fee: 10% of profit above High Water Mark


The fund's strategy focused on origination and resale of highly desirable, collateralized notes. The fund's aim is to resell such notes quickly, without maintaining exposure to the underlying credit risk of the notes. This strategy provides for higher liquidity than typically available in fixed income strategies, and redemption from the fund is typically available on a monthly basis.

This information does not constitute an offering of the Fund. Please request an Offering Memorandum for full details of the Fund. Investments are subject to risk.