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    Asset management has a rich and traditional past that has helped build many people's fortunes over the years; many of the world’s uber-rich have their backgrounds in hedge funds and other forms of smart asset management. However, like everything at this juncture in time, there is a change in the wind and asset management is not immune. The access to funds, and investing opportunities have been opened up and become more inclusive. But with that, there has been a demand for better performance or lower fees from this new breed of investor.

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    Apis Capital Management has acquired White Company‘s blockchain intelligence and analytics division. No financial terms were disclosed.

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    Apis Capital Management announced the acquisition of blockchain intelligence and analytics division from the White Company. This is the first acquisition by Apis Ventures, the private equity fund run by Apis Capital Management, which had recently launched to focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


    West Palm Beach, FL-based asset manager Apis Capital Management has launched Apis Ventures, a private equity fund focused on the acquisition and development of companies in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks space.

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    The US stock market has gone through a period of uncertainty and volatility in 2018, with two major market corrections in one year, leading many investors to ask themselves what they can do to protect themselves. While there are valid concerns about whether this 10-year bull market is coming to an end, macroeconomic and technical data both suggest that this is volatility that can be ignored, and that investors should maintain exposure to equities. Active investors, or those with a shorter-term outlook, can benefit from strategically using volatility as a speculative tool or as a hedge, especially with exchange traded products such as VXX. If they choose to do so, they can use technical analysis of the term structure of VIX futures to identify optimal entry and exit points for their trades.

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    Apis Capital Management has listed its tokenised investment options, the Apis Token on the Nasdaq Fund Network, a platform for mutual funds and hedge funds, under symbol ZAPISX making it available on networks ranging from Bloomberg's Terminal to Yahoo Finance

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    US-based asset manager Apis Capital Management announced that Nasdaq Fund Network listed its Apis Token, with the ticker ZAPISX. Earlier this year, Apis became the first asset manager to tokenize its investment product. The company relied on the Stellar blockchain protocol to tokenize its fund. With the Apis Token, the team aims to ensure a higher degree of security and liquidity in the trading space.

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    By using advanced algorithmic and machine learning technology, Apis created accurate models of volatility. In this way, it is able to profit when there are discrepancies between predicted and actual market conditions. In order to tokenize its fund, the company decided to use the Stellar blockchain that is fast and not expensive to use.

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    The Apis Token is a new concept– the first tokenized hedge fund strategy that is focused on an algorithmic, signal based volatile trading strategy. The team has a proven track record – with over 15 years of securities trading experience.

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    There is too much uncertainty around the cryptocurrency market, Radjabli said. "Regulators need to create a clear framework that serves to protect consumers but is efficient and not overly burdensome." Cryptocurrency has been gaining ground among merchants, but its acceptance has been limited because of volatility, Radjabli said. Still, "the future of crypto is not speculative," he maintained. "It's technology that allows quick, inexpensive, efficient payments globally."

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    1.ACMが世界初のトークン化されたヘッジファンドをブロックチェーン上でローンチ 2.同社は独自の戦略を使い、いかなる相場でも利益を出せるとしている 3.投資家はトークンを保有し、登録を済ませるだけでその恩恵を受けられる

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    The Apis Token is the first tokenized hedge fund strategy, focused on an algorithmic, signal based volatility trading strategy, with a proven track record. The Apis Token is built on Stellar, the most efficient, secure and fastest blockchain protocol currently available.

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    Apis Capital Management is a US based hedge fund manager, specializing in algorithmic, market neutral trading with a specific focus on trading volatility in the US stock market through options and futures. Below is our recent interview with Edgar Radjabli, Managing Partner at Apis Capital Management:

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    The world’s first tokenized hedge fund has launched on the Stellar Network blockchain after raising US$1.7million in investments during its presale. The token is Apis (APIS), managed by Apis Capital Management (ACM), and is the gateway investors use as means to access the ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund, a proprietary volatility-based trading strategy developed by ACM

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    The White Standard, which will be backed by Radjabli's hedge fund [Apis Capital Management], plans on building a foundation of payment networks for cryptocurrency trade worldwide. "We want to build a coin that will let you instantly buy a cup of coffee or a Lambo with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world," says Radjabli.

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    Apis Capital Management's volatility strategy, the ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund ranked #3 among all "Niche" strategies in 2017, with a net return of 66% after all fees

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    Apis Capital Management has launched the Apis Token which is designed to enable investors to profit from an actively managed investment strategy, which has returned over 70 per cent per year since inception, while benefiting from the liquid and tradeable nature of blockchain-based tokens.

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    The new Apis Token will enable investors to profit from an actively managed investment strategy, which has returned over 70% per year since inception, while benefiting from the liquid and tradeable nature of blockchain-based tokens.